Savage series beginners tournament paintball




1)    3 v 3 format. 3 minute games. No more than six live players on the field at a time

2)    Traditional 8 game preliminary round robin per each team.

3)    Game Points: 1st Flag Grab (20)  Flag Hang (50)  Eliminations (5per)  Live Players (5per) Totaling 100points

4)    Live Players  must remain (On Field) and report to refs. at end of game. Otherwise they are counted as eliminated.

5)    Top 4 scores move on. Semi Finals & finals Best 2 out of 3 rounds and scored by Win or Loss.

6)    Semi auto firing mode. Ramping allowed.  Must Chrono 300 FPS or less. Rate of fire limit is 10.5BPS maximum.

7)    No sideline coaching. On field communication through live players only.

8)    Before the game begins, players must have barrels touching the netting of the starting box

9)    Upon game start, players must have forward motion in-bounds: The Starting box is not playable.

10)  Players must stay in-bounds during the entire game. Stepping out of bounds eliminates that player.

11)  A break from a paintball shot anywhere on the player’s person eliminates that player from the game.

12)  All shots or hits count; Guns, Hopper, Pod Pack, Foot, Barrel, Etc, eliminates that player.

13)  Hits that do NOT count only include completely discarded pods and squeegees not still on person and or bounces.

14)  Obvious hits are any frontal parts of body and or equipment that can be seen or felt by player.

15)  Non-Obvious hits are paintball marks on harnesses or areas that cant be physically verified without assistance.

16)  Continuing to play with an Obvious hit will result in a 1 for 1 penalty elimination of an additional live teammate.

17)  Any player Wiping a Hit will result in a 2 for 1 penalty eliminating all remaining teammates.

18)  Eliminated players may vocally signal "Out" raise gun and report to their designated dead box or exit.

19)  Eliminated players must remain silent for the duration of the game until ref signals to exit dead-box

20)  Any communication beyond elimination call will be met with a (1) time warning or 1 for 1 penalty. (Refs Discretion)

​21)  If flag carrier is eliminated during game, the flag will remain at the place of elimination of said flag carrier.

22)  If (Flag) is hit while in the possession of Flag carrier. The Flag carrier is Eliminated. Flag must be visible on carrier

23)  A point is scored by successfully hanging flag "Clear of Hits" on opposing teams starting post within time limit.

24)  If the flag carrier hangs Flag on his own starting post , The opposing team is awarded game win.

25)  Dirty Hang; Any Post Hang hit: (Front= 2 for 1) (Back= 1 for 1) Opponent wins if not enough players to satisfy penalty

26)  Players must maintain all starting equipment as part of their person within 5ft of player at all times.

27)  Players who abandon non-discardable equipment beyond 5ft will be eliminated from that game.

28)  Excessive foul language on field will be met with an elimination penalty for offender. Or 1 for 1.

29)  Maliciously Gross overshooting, physical contact etc is considered (Assault) and results in dismissal.




307 Swartley Rd. Hatfield, PA 19440
Park & Field Hours: Sat & Sun 9am-4pm
Phone: 215-997-7877

 2017 Savage Hunter Tournament Series. Proudly created with

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